Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shrek Nuclear YinYangs

Watching Shrek and Woooo! Finally finished the minigranny yinyang!!
Im thinking about adding a couple more rows of black around the outside but not quite sure about that. The white side is only outlined on one side.. it'd be too bulky if i did it in the same fashion on both sides.. but ohwells.. i decided that the next time i make this it'll be done in three colors so i dont have to worry about outlining and such lol.
So Japan's now having problems with their nuclear plants.. sad.. and so many people dead.. I read on someones blog about a "prediction" about the 19th the full moon will be at its closest to the earth point than its been in a number of years.. and this'll cause some sort of epic earthquake in Cali.. Bro's friend is supposed to be going back there on Friday.. the day before.. but..all one can do is hope that nothing happens.. or that if something does that it wont be too bad..

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