Friday, March 25, 2011


So I went shopping with the cuz.. bought a couple skeins.. didn't find any of that gold so I'll probably be buying it online. Mum text-ed me while we were on our way home to say that my book/yarn had arrived in the mail.. that stuff I won from's February giveaway lol Woooo got home its some honkin soft yarn without being weak feeling.. i may just splurge on getting some more of it in other colors.. the Book.. kickass patterns man.. I cant knit worth a damn but the crochet ones I'll probably be doing. That wavey blanket's only about twice as long as it was in the picture cause that stupid sicky came back n Ive been a bit under again.. wahhh.. but anyway.. spring is here.. although its snow outside.. its melting.. thing's will get better.

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