Sunday, March 20, 2011


I got --)  (-- <<that close to being able to finish in a few days the sunflowerything ive been working on and on the last block of the last four square grouping on its last two sides.. im out of the yeller yarn!@#$#@%$#^%$#^$%^T%$% good thing though.. its redheart gold.. so its not like an old yarn out of print or anything. So yeah.. its on hold till i get more yeller.. blarghhhhh
so other news.. not much.. now ive got to find something else to do while waiting till the next yarncrawlbuying time.. blarghhhh.. i think imma go back to the lil granny dressthing.. and just make it fer the barbie.. some of the stuff i make for her does end up fitting real people(kids) cause yarn does have a bit o stretch and such.

all done lol
kinda ugly if ye ask me.. but im just not much a fan of pastely pink.. ohwhellss..

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