Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Its alooooot brighter in real life lol.. Too lazy to drag out the good camera.

Got the pattern from Attic24. Gotta love those bright colors.. I had all these single skeins of color and couldnt think of what to do with them till i saw the tutorial last night lol. I've seen it before but it never clicked lol. There's 8 colors total .. a Dark Green(Caron One Pound Forest Green 534) Lightish Purple(RedHeart SS Lavender 0358) Nice deep blue (RH SS Royal 0385) Bright Red (RH SS Cherry Red 0319) Light aqua blue (RH SS Aruba Sea 0505) Purple (RH SS Amethyst 0356) Bright freakin Orange (RH SS Pumpkin 0254) and a goldeny yeller (HobbyLobby IlovethisYarn Sungold 156) Not a huge fan of the HobbyLobby yarns but i needed a yeller for this blankie.. too many dark colors and it wouldnt have the same Pop!

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