Monday, March 28, 2011


The fiddlesome block!!@#!@# you know how a few posts back i said i ran out of gold yarn well i discovered that the hobbylobby gold color that ive got in the ripply waveyblanket is almost exactly the same shade.. its just the smallest hints of yellowerness.. the more fiddlesome difference is that the yarn is softer, thinner, and has a shine to it that the redheart does not. Buuuuuut.. i decided that since it was just.. two sides.. and inner sides at that.. that it shouldnt be too bad of a difference.. and look at the piccy.. (I know the color sucks.. i just cant be arsed to get the big cam out) you can barely tell!l;asjf;klasjf;kljdf so yeah.. i'll be finishing putting the fourblockgroups together with the green.. then doing a large green outside.. I'll posteth a pic when its done!!

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