Monday, February 21, 2011


Listenin to Nightwish.. something not Rammstein lol. Ebay stuffs has a couple of watchers.. no bids yet. But soon maybe. Anyway Got the coat nearly finished.. and it does have a hood. Pics later. Got my first-ish commish lol! G-ma wants me to make her a sweater like the little one.. in the same yarn too. NEEDS MOAR YARN!! DX Prob wont get any till B-day.. and then prob wont be right color.. but hopefully I'll get money and can go buy some. Started another spiral.. has four colors one.. a varigated is similar to the peruvian but has no green.. HobbyLobbyDefaultYarn is its maker lol.. I dont really like its feel compared to Red Heart too .. soft but its feasible. I might turn this spiral into a bag before it gets too big.. havent decided yet.  Be back latar possibly with pics.

<6:40-ish pm>

So yeah.. worked on the 4string brown/blue spiral thing.
The hex sweater on the barbie. I decided to add the hood.. though it needs a bit more depth. Im gonna wait to add that till I can get some nice buttons or a zipper.

Took almost 3 skeins to get this far.. so I figure an adult size would take anywhere from 5 to 8 skeins of this yarn.. its sooo cooool. DX  There are more pics on the Flickr.

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