Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sooo not much new.. 4 string bag is coming along nicely. I figured that if i made at least a feeble post short or whatever atleast once a day that I'd be able to keep this thing alive till people actually visit it. Lol. Maybe I'll come up with a awsomesauce pattern that just reels them in. But so far. Not much.. I mostly follow other peoples.. instructions for a base pattern/shape.. just like the drawing lol. Then embellish it in a fanciful or whatever manner. Ebay has no bids.. but some more viewers. I like to think that they're waiting till the last few minutes to bid.. thats what happened with the first blanket I sold. So ya.. I might take a pic of the spirally thing and post it up here or just on flickr.. we'll see.

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