Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chickens..err Guineas!

Okie-do. Im not the best of bloggers.. in the sense that I tend to forget about it for sometimes.. months on end. But I'm hoping that with my relatively new attitude on things that won't happen. So a wee bit 'bout myself. I crochet.. and thats what this bloggy will primarily be about. I live the "glorious" USA, with the parentals still (I'm almost 23 >.< Sad aint it.) They have a farm ish thing going on.. chickens, garden, barn.. that sort of thing. I'm lazy.. prob the reason why I finked out on my previous attempts at blogging. But I was inspired by the happy colorful posts of Attic 24 and many many other crafty bloggers and said to myself "Why not?" I've made a number of crochet'd blankets/items. I love music, my most favored band is Rammstein. I have strange occasionally talking to mehself.. or refering to myself in the text manner as we or us. o.O(hence the Mary/May) Not too good a knitter so there probably wont be much if any of that up here. I learned the craft first from Mum, but it never really stuck to me till after I graduated HS. If you can't tell I tend to wander with my words. There are pictures of several of the creations I've made on my Flickr. I do a bit of drawing.. its mostly tracing a picture and taking the base pose.. recolor/redressing the character and such things.. not real drawing in my opinion but eh its fun. I have terrible grammer.. and I do swear.. though due to the wide audience this may have I'll be trying to keep the bad words to a minimum. So yeah..

At the moment ive got three crochet'd projects in the works. A Sunflowery blanket. (no pic yet) A green n brown scrappy spiral one.

And a Hexagon sweaterjacket (place where base idea was from) possibly for a little cousin of mine.

Aahh.. Im a night owl.. and the hook calls.. I'll attempt another post tomorrow.

I have many names on the chatango chat thing but the primary one is VelvetKisses.
Ravelry member: dragonracer3

Drive defensively. Buy a tank.

::Before the Crack 'O Dawn Addition::
Rammstein is Awsome!!
Have some scarves up for sale on Ebay.

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