Monday, February 28, 2011


Put up a few more things on the Ebay-ness.. looked at Etsy .. again.. and it looks more appetizing.. but it'll wait till after this batch of ebay sellings... just so I have some monies to work with lol. Its meh birthday.. woo.. We're going out shopping.. fer yarns and foods..(to feed the fat-pokes jiggly-) Fingerfoods for dinner.. and Oreo Cheesecake for dessert. Maybe there'll be leftovers for tommorow.. but usually there isnt. DX How I hate being lazy in the legssss(hate exercise). Maybe get some pics of new yarns or something.. working on a lil grannysquare skirt thing.. oh maybe we'll find some good buttons or zipper for the coat thing and will be able to finish that. Made some more roseflower things.. havent found the hairclippydoos so we'll prob. get some of those.

<Nearly Dinneh>
Got five.. hugemungous skeins of caron one pounder yarn.. woulda gotten more and of more colors but joannes wasnt havin a good sale on redheart or the other yarns.

These two gorgeous beauties came in the mail today as well .. mum bought them from this website. 
 Mary's Pink and Blue Eyes.. the phone cam doesnt do the brightness any justice.. Im not much of a light pink color lover but this stuff is Wicked.. Though for 12bucks a hank.. a bit out of my price lol. DK weight too.. not my usuall working yarn but i'll come up with something nice for them... eventually.

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