Saturday, June 18, 2011

nothing huge

Gram fell and broke her hip earlier in the week. I made a square or two more on the 12in Sq. CAL. Bro might have ulcers.. uhh.. Gram is doing much better now. Oh. I managed to finish the sweater that she'd asked me to make way back when I started this blog.(a whole what.. 3 months ago XD) Havent gotten to give it to her yet.. perhaps tomorrow. I got a decent sized box of randomwhiteish colored yarns from some ladies at mom's church. Most of it is nearly if not just as or older than me. Lol. Some of its gone into one of the squares. The rest.. idk.. if it was all the same color i'd make one of those Fisherman Afghans from that booklet i got a little while ago. But it isnt DX. Ohwell.


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