Friday, June 3, 2011

My Brain.

So yeah.. so much dooooom over on this little funny place called GodlikeProductions. Some realllll funny crap there Seriously XD I lol-ed myself to sleep lastnight on some of it. XDDDD.. Anyway.. The internet's been rather finicky and stupid lately. Ive been working on 12in squares with a CAL, reading blogs (web permitting) and scrapping together some scrappy blankets...lolXD.. So not much big things.. though I will hopefully be getting the intarsia plate for my Knittermachinything soon. Its been half paid for and the otherhalf has yet to be worked out(I has the money just not the response from the store/people whom im purchasing it from.)ANYWAY... Thatisall.. GIMMIE DE YARN AND NO ONE GETS HURT! XD

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