Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I haven't gotten much at all done in the last few days.. I think the rainbow-y wave thing is up to its third repetition of the color pattern.. I started a dress.. hopefully for my cousin but I think its too big.. but thats ok.. If she does like it.. I can make another one a bit smaller or something and just sell this one.. but I realllllly do need some sort of dress mannequin thingy for this so It's at a stalled point... the ripply blanket should be done by nowww >.< for one of this size.. I usually finish them in about a week.. but that cold that had me at the beginning of the month has still been plaguing me in the background of things.. plus that stupid monthlycursecomingupanydaynow.. ;laks jfgiojwioejhdafkl so yeah.. life happens..

Drive defensibly. Buy a tank. >.o

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