Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So yeah im like alllll over the place.. hyper/stupid/nuts. I fiiiinallly got ahold of one of them knittin machines.. an older model but still the lady says it works.. I'm hopin i wont be jypped outta the money i spent on it.. Im a glutton for punishment when it comes to yarn apparently cause I started a nother blanket thats gonna take forever to finish.. tis intarsia stylins with a nifty knitting pattern thingy that i found.. I need to buy some yeller for this blanket cause I havent got any in the shade I want.. well aside from tiny little leftoverballs The big paleish yellow in the hooded blanket is in that.. and the Huffsocks. oh oh the knittermachinethingy may be here as early as friday!! lol.. imaspaz

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