Friday, October 12, 2012

Lots of pics.

I done deed not terribly much.. but I did do stuffs. The original (Greenish ) Hemlock got frogged and I made one in purple instead.. I don't particlualy like it but maybe if i can get the yarn to "block" it'll look nice. Its acrylic so it probably will take "killing" the yarn to get it to flop better. Thats a project that I've not thought about much at all.

Made this thing.. in 3 days.. WTF O>O Thats like.. AMAZING.. seriously..

These mitts were vaguely inpsired by Dr. Who's huuuuge scarf (earlier doctor)

Some socks.. yes.. socks in tiny yarnz..

And I got an Obitsu. (and two heads) (The left one is called Mo the one w/o the body is Bic)

Other stuff happened but I'm too lazy as per usual to find pictures of it.. or to write more.. blah.. Back to the socks! squee.. they're alot of fun.. despite the tiny stitches.

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