Monday, September 5, 2011


Got webz! woot.. cute guy installed it too..

Anyway.. Been busy helpin clean the house since it hasnt been lived in for two n a half months or so. Plus two days with watching little cousin and a day at his mum n dad's house for his dads birthday. Havent gotten much done as usual.. some little things a couple of little hats to the collection lol. Ive started making Sunny Day circles out of the fugly white stuffs.. dunno what im gonna do with em really though.. ive gotten to 60ish% on a ColorbyNumber piece.. the rammstein thing hasnt been worked on in a while yet though. Life goes on!

P.S. .. My cat is dying and i cant be there with him.. he has been dying for the last 3 years but nothing really bad but dad says hes gotten really bad as of today.. Piddled himself passed out behind the bathroom door or something. :(

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