Friday, May 6, 2011


I think the camera has run away from neglect.. I couldn't find it to take purty picturezzz!!!.. I do have the phone.. but its charging atm so yeah.. it dunna like takin pics whilst charging. I joined a wicked place called Crochetville like.. beginning of last month.. some real nice people there.. rather like.. Ravelry..just guided more for crochet.. and such things.. I started a Doiley-ghan.. earlier in the week, its purty.. I got to row 25 of the pattern.. and just could not figure out what it wanted me to do.. I'd already decided that I was gonna add more rows than the pattern called for cause i was using a smallerish (H) hook and it wouldnt be big enough for what I wanted So I just poof.. ok gonna start meh own rows now kinda thing lol. I'll be sure to get pics.. with the phone if not the camera when the blanket ish finished.. If I finish it before sunday.. I think I'll give it to grama fer mothers day or something.. why not my mom? cause I just gave her that sunflowery blanket a bit a go >.o thats why lol. So anyway.. back to the blanket-ness!

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