Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lol.. Im so weird.. I have like.. a billion ideas.. but lack the motivation to do any of them.. I has a follower!! XD So yeah.. no fun pics.. finished the pinkish and yellerish patch hooded blankiething I started at the beginning of the month.. or whenever it was.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was boring.. a lil bag of candy and two bucks for runnin around in mud.. not that it wasnt fun.. just yeah.. fat people really dont need chocolate >.< .. blargh.. Havent gotten much done .. did get parts to a nice big ole blanket in blue brown and tealy green color on the knitter finished. Started a circle blanket.. its so much fun! o.o.. Im a terrible handknitter but this machine works em up like a dream.. just need some more good weights little fishing weights or summat. We're going shoppin tomorrow after bro's eyeglass appt. so yeah.. get to stare at colorful things!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Been messin with my knittin machine since it came on friday.. Tis much fun.. havent gotten anything useful done though.. no pics.. too lazy to take em. Blargh.. tired..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So yeah im like alllll over the place.. hyper/stupid/nuts. I fiiiinallly got ahold of one of them knittin machines.. an older model but still the lady says it works.. I'm hopin i wont be jypped outta the money i spent on it.. Im a glutton for punishment when it comes to yarn apparently cause I started a nother blanket thats gonna take forever to finish.. tis intarsia stylins with a nifty knitting pattern thingy that i found.. I need to buy some yeller for this blanket cause I havent got any in the shade I want.. well aside from tiny little leftoverballs The big paleish yellow in the hooded blanket is in that.. and the Huffsocks. oh oh the knittermachinethingy may be here as early as friday!! lol.. imaspaz

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pattern testing o.O`

So yeah... Kinda stuffed Huff/socks under the rug at the moment.. the yeller thats in the socks is being used in a hoodedblanket project atm and i just dont feel like digging out the other end of the yarn to finish them. (laaaazy) But anyway.. I tested a nifty Granny Spiral for SmoothFox.

Flickr's being a dick and not uploading my pictures so thats All I got for the moment.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Castle Crawlers!

seeeeeee what i madeeee@@#!@#!#@$.. they're alot cuter in person XD
Huff's on the hooks but I need a break.. hands sore.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So we get dumped with snow.. then it thunders... while snowing.. weird as hell...
I put the FO to some UFO's.. i decided that the rainbowwavethingy was going to be babyishblanketsize.. or lapblanket.. whatever ye wanna call it.. I "finished" the green/brown spiral that i'd started ages ago.. uhh.. re-organized meh stash. so now the only ufo is the dress thing.. I have a billion ideas for other things but its cooooooooooold now.. and my brain shortcircuts when i try to get something started.. wahhhh.. I wanna work but I cannottt.. maybe summat will make it through soon lol.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I haven't gotten much at all done in the last few days.. I think the rainbow-y wave thing is up to its third repetition of the color pattern.. I started a dress.. hopefully for my cousin but I think its too big.. but thats ok.. If she does like it.. I can make another one a bit smaller or something and just sell this one.. but I realllllly do need some sort of dress mannequin thingy for this so It's at a stalled point... the ripply blanket should be done by nowww >.< for one of this size.. I usually finish them in about a week.. but that cold that had me at the beginning of the month has still been plaguing me in the background of things.. plus that stupid monthlycursecomingupanydaynow.. ;laks jfgiojwioejhdafkl so yeah.. life happens..

Drive defensibly. Buy a tank. >.o