Monday, February 28, 2011


Put up a few more things on the Ebay-ness.. looked at Etsy .. again.. and it looks more appetizing.. but it'll wait till after this batch of ebay sellings... just so I have some monies to work with lol. Its meh birthday.. woo.. We're going out shopping.. fer yarns and foods..(to feed the fat-pokes jiggly-) Fingerfoods for dinner.. and Oreo Cheesecake for dessert. Maybe there'll be leftovers for tommorow.. but usually there isnt. DX How I hate being lazy in the legssss(hate exercise). Maybe get some pics of new yarns or something.. working on a lil grannysquare skirt thing.. oh maybe we'll find some good buttons or zipper for the coat thing and will be able to finish that. Made some more roseflower things.. havent found the hairclippydoos so we'll prob. get some of those.

<Nearly Dinneh>
Got five.. hugemungous skeins of caron one pounder yarn.. woulda gotten more and of more colors but joannes wasnt havin a good sale on redheart or the other yarns.

These two gorgeous beauties came in the mail today as well .. mum bought them from this website. 
 Mary's Pink and Blue Eyes.. the phone cam doesnt do the brightness any justice.. Im not much of a light pink color lover but this stuff is Wicked.. Though for 12bucks a hank.. a bit out of my price lol. DK weight too.. not my usuall working yarn but i'll come up with something nice for them... eventually.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So ya

Slept today away again. Though three of my scarves sold on ebay. though for very cheaply. Hey.. one has to start somewhere ehy? Waiting currently on payment for two of them. The third will be shipped out tommorow on meh birthday when we go out.. the others as well if payment is recieved by then.

Ergggh.. Etsy is looking more and more appetizing when compared to ebay.. but the shipping setups with both are still confusing as hell.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moar scarves

Put up some more scarves on Ebay! Other scarves have approx. 10 hours on them. One minimum bid. Woo.. Started a scrapghan of sorts. Course being scraps it'll take foreeeever to do.

Red White N Blue Scarvesss
The rest of its cousins on Flickr.

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Glasses

Not much happened today.. its cold though and I got my new glasses.. purple on the inside and black outside.. pretty neat.. been making flowers out of scrap. Not sure what Im gonna do with them yet. Mebbie tomorrow will be more interesting.

-As it looms closer.. the worse I feel.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Das Muzik

Wuahhhhh.. Rammstein's gonna be in Americaaa..Nearest concert.. so far is in Illinois.. too far for mee.. sulk.. and probably too expensive.. but wont know that till tomorrow.. thats when the tickets go up for sale.
Worked more on the grannyblankie.. four panels put together.. maybe it'll be finished later tonight or tomorrow. Did more work on wedding gift for cousin.. cant post pics of that >.o she might see em. lol

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We're going out shopoping!!! lol for yarns.. yusss hopefully be able to buy loooots of yarn. Stayed awake long enough yesterday to finish the spiral bag.. pic later. Started a granny square blanket of some kind with the left over yarns.. atleast 3/4 skeins.. that bag didnt take much yarn.. wow lol.

wahhh I must be coming down with something.. I've slept so much the last couple of days!!
Well got yarnzzz More peruvian.
Some yellow and green for Sunflowery blanket. (nopicstill)

The finished spiral bag as well as one of the granny panels.
Anyway.. gonna work some more on the granny thingies. Maybe tommorrow/today wont be so.. sleepyy.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sooo not much new.. 4 string bag is coming along nicely. I figured that if i made at least a feeble post short or whatever atleast once a day that I'd be able to keep this thing alive till people actually visit it. Lol. Maybe I'll come up with a awsomesauce pattern that just reels them in. But so far. Not much.. I mostly follow other peoples.. instructions for a base pattern/shape.. just like the drawing lol. Then embellish it in a fanciful or whatever manner. Ebay has no bids.. but some more viewers. I like to think that they're waiting till the last few minutes to bid.. thats what happened with the first blanket I sold. So ya.. I might take a pic of the spirally thing and post it up here or just on flickr.. we'll see.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Listenin to Nightwish.. something not Rammstein lol. Ebay stuffs has a couple of watchers.. no bids yet. But soon maybe. Anyway Got the coat nearly finished.. and it does have a hood. Pics later. Got my first-ish commish lol! G-ma wants me to make her a sweater like the little one.. in the same yarn too. NEEDS MOAR YARN!! DX Prob wont get any till B-day.. and then prob wont be right color.. but hopefully I'll get money and can go buy some. Started another spiral.. has four colors one.. a varigated is similar to the peruvian but has no green.. HobbyLobbyDefaultYarn is its maker lol.. I dont really like its feel compared to Red Heart too .. soft but its feasible. I might turn this spiral into a bag before it gets too big.. havent decided yet.  Be back latar possibly with pics.

<6:40-ish pm>

So yeah.. worked on the 4string brown/blue spiral thing.
The hex sweater on the barbie. I decided to add the hood.. though it needs a bit more depth. Im gonna wait to add that till I can get some nice buttons or a zipper.

Took almost 3 skeins to get this far.. so I figure an adult size would take anywhere from 5 to 8 skeins of this yarn.. its sooo cooool. DX  There are more pics on the Flickr.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


So we came to the conclusion that no one'll read this.. but we don't care. That just means we can be more.. us.

Some stuff forgotten in lastnight's post.. Thurr be a cute fluffy rabbit under our care. Spaz be her name. Theres also a rather old (15) cat named Smokey. Hes probably going to die soon.. :(  But then.. we've been saying that for a few years now..

Theres another annoying feet eating cat called Goldy.. real spoiled brat. Two dogs.. not mine but the parents.. both nuttier than a squirrel. Theres the chickens.. and some ginuea hens..(ugly chickens really loud.. realllllly fast). I think thats all for animals.. Ive nearly doubled the size of that first pic of the hexxy sweater. Its going to be toddler or young child size if it works. Only model i have to base it on is my old My Size Barbie (Not mine) Mines got some kickass dreads XD cause i got too lazy at taking care of her properly she lost her original outfit loooooooooong ago. A wedding dress like the one in that link/pic I think. Ive made her a number of outfits.. Book of Faces Yarn Album My facebook ends up with the pics that i forget to up on Flickr DX.

So ya.. more latar.. maybe more pictures!!

<Just Afore Midnight>
Lol I got the two big pieces of the hexxy sweater done.
Before sewing.

Barbie sporting the now sewn-up sweater. Course with her being Barbie.. it looks huge on her.. just have to add the cuffs and im thinking I may make a hood for it too.
I have no life.. can't you tell?
Need to find some good buttons or maybe a zipper have to get "tester child". Lol.. Ma's got some friends with young children.Maybe one of them. *plots* XD

Chickens..err Guineas!

Okie-do. Im not the best of bloggers.. in the sense that I tend to forget about it for sometimes.. months on end. But I'm hoping that with my relatively new attitude on things that won't happen. So a wee bit 'bout myself. I crochet.. and thats what this bloggy will primarily be about. I live the "glorious" USA, with the parentals still (I'm almost 23 >.< Sad aint it.) They have a farm ish thing going on.. chickens, garden, barn.. that sort of thing. I'm lazy.. prob the reason why I finked out on my previous attempts at blogging. But I was inspired by the happy colorful posts of Attic 24 and many many other crafty bloggers and said to myself "Why not?" I've made a number of crochet'd blankets/items. I love music, my most favored band is Rammstein. I have strange occasionally talking to mehself.. or refering to myself in the text manner as we or us. o.O(hence the Mary/May) Not too good a knitter so there probably wont be much if any of that up here. I learned the craft first from Mum, but it never really stuck to me till after I graduated HS. If you can't tell I tend to wander with my words. There are pictures of several of the creations I've made on my Flickr. I do a bit of drawing.. its mostly tracing a picture and taking the base pose.. recolor/redressing the character and such things.. not real drawing in my opinion but eh its fun. I have terrible grammer.. and I do swear.. though due to the wide audience this may have I'll be trying to keep the bad words to a minimum. So yeah..

At the moment ive got three crochet'd projects in the works. A Sunflowery blanket. (no pic yet) A green n brown scrappy spiral one.

And a Hexagon sweaterjacket (place where base idea was from) possibly for a little cousin of mine.

Aahh.. Im a night owl.. and the hook calls.. I'll attempt another post tomorrow.

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Rammstein is Awsome!!
Have some scarves up for sale on Ebay.